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Safe, Exciting, and Fun Learning Experiences

Flight Training for Aspiring Pilots

Aircraft Dashboard

Come to Aviation Club in Wantage Township, New Jersey to learn how to fly aircraft. Obtain the training required to qualify you for a pilot license. We mentor students aged 14 – 80. The lessons we offer include:

•  Private Pilot training

Commercial Pilot Training

•  Complex/Multi/Tail Wheel Instruction

•  Instrument Functionality Training

•  Technical Flight Instruction

Aircraft Rentals

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The More You Fly, the Quicker You Learn

Aviation laws require aspiring pilots to obtain a certain number of flying hours before they can legally qualify for a private pilot license. You can achieve this objective by taking lessons more frequently. 

Learning Factors to Think About

Be informed likewise that there are three important factors affecting the entire learning process. Time must be devoted to complete the required flying hours. The same attention must also be given to making financial resources available to pay for the lessons. When training aspiring pilots, we also consider weather conditions to make sure that it is also safe for anyone to fly.


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